Nissan Retirement Planning

Are you a NISSAN employee in need of assistance with planning for and transitioning into retirement within the next five years? Has the recent stock market volatility and economic downturn brought on by the coronavirus caused you to question the viability of your retirement goals and timing? If so, we can help you develop a solid game plan that will help you work toward your financial goals and dreams.

Chad Molitor and Parker Molitor are a father-son financial planning team with over thirty years of combined experience and are an integral part of the RAI Advisors firm in middle Tennessee. For several years our primary focus has been helping employees of Nissan better understand their company sponsored retirement benefits in conjunction with Social Security and other financial resources they may have, providing clarity on the feasibility of different retirement scenarios and outcomes. Once retired, we are able to help actively manage our clients’ investment portfolios and income strategies throughout retirement. Watch our NISSAN Retirement Education video above for more information about your employer sponsored benefits and other applicable financial topics.

If you answered “Yes” to our opening questions, we would like to invite you to schedule a Personal Retirement Overview (PROTM) meeting with Chad and Parker. During a PROTM meeting we:

  • Listen carefully to your goals and dreams, and learn about your current financial situation
  • Help you calculate your pension benefit and distribution options at different ages
  • Review your 401(k) for proper allocation and project the income it might provide in retirement
  • Calculate your Social Security benefit at different ages
  • Factor in any outside assets or income sources that will be available to you in retirement, giving you a comprehensive picture of when you can confidently retire
  • Ancillary topics that we cover include Nissan retiree health insurance, the CARES Act provisions, debt management, tax efficiency and more.

There is no cost for a PROTM meeting and certainly no obligation. You can schedule your PROTM by clicking here or calling our office at 615-890-9810 and asking for Heather, our Administrative Assistant. PROTM meetings are offered in person at our office in Murfreesboro, or online via ZOOM video conference.